Entrepreneurial. Creative. Hands on.

The Resource Group specializes in a diverse portfolio of niche investment opportunities.  We are active investors who have control and ownership interest in all the projects we bring to our investor clients.  We look for alternative sources of return that are scalable, unique and bring maximum value for every dollar, as well as those that are fiscally and ecologically responsible.


“I met Mike McCann and his team in 2009 and I can say that ‘Under-promise, Over-deliver’ is a major practice of this company. They have done a tremendous amount of work for us in due diligence, planning, budgeting, acquisitions, always executing their plans. I was impressed with negotiation skills of Mike in helping us with restructuring a multi million dollar debt with more than a dozen participant banks. Truly amazing performance!”   Alex D. Garkusha, Lorix Investments, LLC