Company Overview

The Resource Group is a real estate investor-operator focused on land opportunities that align with early-stage, proven trends. We aggressively pursue and underwrite opportunistic, value-added investments and ultimately seek to identify and minimize key risk elements prior to acquisition. We are very selective in our acquisitions and have the benefit of multiple deal sources providing us with a wide range of opportunities. We believe in structures that allow managers to make operations decisions while maintaining open lines of communication with investors through their participation in the board, compliance committee and twice quarterly reporting and audited year end financials.

TRG focuses on sustainable trends and utilizes our team’s experience and research to develop an investment thesis. TRG then identifies opportunities based on this thesis. Our mission is to acquire a thorough understanding of why a particular asset is available, the potential investment niche and opportunity, and determine the risk/reward relationship associated with the asset. TRG provides real estate underwriting, site planning, capital structures, operations, development, and dispositions strategies. TRG has significant relationships that work to enhance our acquisitions sourcing, real estate services, and investment strategies.

We focus on macro and micro trends in housing to choose scalable, safe investments.  We make them investor friendly and focus on project sizes that are large enough to eliminate small investor competition but not so large that we compete with fee-based capital (hedge/private equity), which tends to force up market pricing.

Our focus for 2018 and beyond is expanding into the small housing space, where we have spent two years researching trends and identifying target markets.  Our diligence has given rise to an entirely new brand that embodies community, streamlined living and a forward-thinking lifestyle that fills a major void in the current housing market.