Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy

The Resource Group has a unique perspective on investing. We believe in a diverse portfolio.  We do not try to “time” markets but rather seek to understand broad trends in advance. We effectively leverage capital to maximize risk-adjusted equity return. We believe there is a science to underwriting and consider ourselves researchers who gather as much data as possible, then analyze that data to be in front of investment trends and make highly informed decisions. When it comes to information, we understand what to look for and how to use it. We extensively research potential targets before we make an investment and seek to be a managing partner to underwrite and operate each unique asset.

The Resource Group’s Current investment interests include:

Residential Land

Our real estate portfolio features a common-sense mix of commercial buildings, residential land and land entitled for single family and multifamily in desirable locations.  We focus on value add and opportunistic investments in prime locations.

TRG team conducting diligence on a new project.

Five-Phase Vetting Process:

  • Market/Submarkets
  • Legal/Entitlement
  • Ground Infrastructure
  • Financial
  • Absorption


Tax Strategies

As part of a well-rounded offering to our clients, we seek to maximize use of all real estate investments by determining whether they benefit from tax savings through depreciation on investment properties or qualify for conservation plans that benefit renewable resources, land preservation and create a tangible tax saving for the land owner in lieu of development profits.

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Small Home Community Development

In 2015, we began exploring a void in the housing market that we felt might present a unique opportunity for investment.  Small home (or “tiny house” as it is commonly referred to) living has been gaining popularity among key demographics in the US, but there is virtually no venue to support them in a community setting.  Our “Aha” moment came soon after we delved into the potential target markets, where we discovered a growing demand for affordability, downsizing and a lifestyle that embraces simplicity, but in an amenitized neighborhood that promotes community engagement.  In 2018 we are introducing our new brand, Simple Life, LLC.  This brand will serve as the impetus for the development of vibrant new communities in Wester North Carolina and Central Florida, with expansion to follow where markets demand.

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